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  • Pitch 37.5 waterproof jacket is made of an extremely lightweight material with a very high breathability. The fabric is made with 37.5 technology that always aims at keeping your body temperature at 37.5 which is your optimal comfort zone where you perform best. The 4-way stretch makes it even more flexible. The jacket has a rubber anti-slip print on the shoulders when you carry your bag. The lower sleeve has extra elastic to keep the sleeve in place while swinging. Drawstring at back neck allows for adjustment to perfect fit. Reflective prints make a very sporty design.

    The pitch garment has a water-repellent treatment on the outside of the fabric that is environmentally friendly. When raindrops hit the surface of Pitch 37.5, they will stay there for a while but most drops drain off immediately. If it rains a lot or for a long time, the hydrogen will be transported to the membrane on the inside of the fabric. There, the Pitch 37.5 membrane stops the water and does not let the hydrogen through. When the water is embedded in the structure of the 37.5 membrane, small marks / surfaces can form which become visible on the outside of the fabric. With the help of body heat, the breathing function is activated and the fabric starts working to transport the moisture to the outside of the garment - where it dries and becomes completely smooth again.